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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 05:43:49 -0500
Subject: did

did i *say* what I think

do you really know?

is that so?

so now tell me

what do *you* think I think?

based on the questions i've asked, you say?
you think I think this and this and that and that?


have you asked why i ask the questions i ask and not say what I actually think?
that there may be no space for me to think
with everyone telling me what i should be thinking
and how 
and what i *probably* think and why
based on who they think i am?

once again - when did i ever *say* what i think
i dont know 

i know i dont

but i am saying that you dont know either
you cant know
what to think
what i think

before you tell me what i am thinking
what to think

and point all those pointy fingers

stop a minute 

the frameworks
you seek
the thought processes we confortably engage

these may not have the questions or the answers....

for my questions only come from the frameworks you offer....

so why do you tell me what i think?

what you think i think
will get frozen as 

because of who you are in the heirarchy of epistemology, history....

and all the other thingumajiggees....

                                        whose authority? [adhikaaram]
                                        whose action? [karma]
                                        whose way of life? [dharma]

Radhika Gajjala



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