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Considering list members' interests in globalization, gender, technology 
and related issues - some of you may be interested in joining the following 
discussions by signing on to the ictnet list

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Virtual Seminars
The "Virtual Seminar Series" on Gender and ICTs are meant to be forums for 
exchange of research based knowledge and information through discussions 
and background materials. Thy aim at highlighting good practices and 
lessons learned, identification of research and policy gaps, and outlining 
policy options and recommendations. These Virtual Seminars will result in 
Synthesis Paper, plus weekly summaries of discussions.
The guest moderator to the seminar series is Sophia Huyer, Executive 
Director of Women in Global Science and Technology (WIGSAT) and Executive 
Director of the Gender Advisory Board of the United Nations Commission on 
Science and Technology for Development.
The following Seminars will take place, each of them featuring a Background 
paper prepared by experts from different regions of the world in order to 
stimulate the discussions (will be posted online soon):
Are ICTs Gender Neutral?
Date: 1 – 12 July 2002
Background paper: "Are ICTs Gender Neutral? A gender analysis of six case 
studies of multi-donor ICT projects" by Nancy Hafkin
summary [doc] [pdf]
complete text [doc] [pdf]
Women and ICTs: Enabling and Disabling Environments
Date: 15-26 July 2002
Background paper: "Cyberfeminist technological practices: Exploring 
possibilities for a women-centered design of technological environments" by 
Radhika Gajjala
summary [doc] [pdf]
complete text [doc] [pdf]
En-gendering Management and Regulation of ICTs
Date: 29 July – 9 August 2002
Background paper: "Engendering Management and Regulation of ICTs" by Anita 
Anand and Mahesh Uppal.
summary [doc] [pdf]
complete text [doc] [pdf]
Empowering Women using ICTs
Date: 12 –23 August 2002
Background paper: “Empowering Women for Public Policy Advocacy: Looking 
Behind the Internet to Enable Citizen Information Systems” by Juliana 
Martínez and Katherine Reilly
Bridging the Gender Digital Divide
Date: 26 August – 6 September 2002
Background paper: “The Use of Information and Communication Technologies as 
a Tool to Bridge the Gender Digital Gap: A Case on the Use of a 
Locally-developed CD-Rom by Rural Women in Uganda” by Rita Mijumbi


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