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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 13:58:51 +0100
Subject: Amarikkka


I'm reposting this note which arrived yesterday in case anyone wants to
get in touch with this person with ideas etc.

The message is from Sayantani DasGupta, it was originally sent to Falu,
Raj, Raminder and I - and i hope there is no problem in reposting it:

> Hi etc,
> I got your names from Aly Remtulla at Stanford because I am currently 
> writing a book proposal for Rutgers University Press on the reinvention 
> of South Asian American Culture and Identity.  The chapter I am working on 
> right now is on Bhangra as Cultural Space.  While I know many of you work 
> in/on the U.K., the bhangra music scene (and cultural uses thereof) 
> obviously migrated to the States from the U.K. and is informed by what's 
> happening there.  
> I would be interested in reading anything you have written (I am trying 
> to get my hands on "Dis-Orienting Rhythms") and anything, in particular, 
> applicable to the U.S.  In addition, I am looking for this book to be made 
> up of interviews (as well as theoretical discussion), and am searching for 
> U.S.-based DJs or music producer/promoters who have the time/interest to 
> do phone interviews.  If anyone comes to mind, do let me know. 
> I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you in advance for 
> your time, since I am sure you are all swamped with work! (Aren't we all?)
> Good luck on all your projects.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
> ----Sayantani DasGupta
> (410) 523-0409 


The Aly Remtulla mentioned in the start of the message is at
anthropology at Stanford and putting together a book proposal on Asian
Popular Culture. Which could be about anything I guess. She also has
asked for help and some members of this list - Dhooleka, Falu, are in
it. So, something is happening in the land of Moloch.

that's all

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