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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 17:35:57 -0100
Subject: "The Asian Vote"

Hi there

Does anyone know if anything on the level of Asians voting and their
alleigeances at the last UK General Election is yet available?
Or even anything on New Labour and Blair's relationship with the Asian
community (eg efforts to capture "the Asian vote", his making of rich Asian
businessman into Lords etc etc)
Have Labour always taken this for-granted?
Is there a difference across  generations?
Why did Asians continue voting Labour when the white working class ditched
the Party?
Does it make no sense to talk of a homogenous "Asian community" anyway?

Any ideas anyone?

Either mail 'em to me at this address or 
snail me -AT- 12 Petite Rue de la Course
                     67000 Strasbourg

Many thanks


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