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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 15:43:01 +1000
Subject: Vajpayee the poet...

Some talk right now in India of a poem, apparently written
by PM Vajpayee some years ago, entitled 'Pain of Hiroshima'.

An extract from this poem is below.  I first saw it in the 'Delhi Mid
Day', as part of an anti-nuc article by a group calling themselves the
Medico Friend Circle, who also amusingly concluded their article with
the following statement...

"This is a statement of protest by the Medico Friend Circle (MFC)
against the nuclear explosions conducted in 1998.  MFC is a group of
health professionals from a variety of issues interested in social
issues.  Officially, therefore, this article is a critique of the Effect
of Measles on Cell Mediated Immunity."

I'm too lazy (and it's too hot) to type the whole article, but here's
the poem extract, if anyone's interested...

"The scientists who invented nuclear weapons
How could they have slept at night?
Did they for a moment feel,
that what happened through their hands was not good.
If they didn't
history will never forgive them."

- Atal Behari Vajpayee
translated from Hindi


Elizabeth Van Dort

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