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Subject: Cultural Diversity in/and Cyberspace: CFP
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 08:11:16 -0500

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>Subject: [cultstud-l] CFP: Cultural Diversity in/and Cyberspace
>Call For Papers
>Cultural Diversity in/and Cyberspace
>May 5, 2000
>University of Maryland
>Co-sponsored by the Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity and the
>Cyberculture Working Group
>As the Century turns, fundamental aspects of human experience including
>individual and community identity formation, the mind-body relationship,
>and the articulation and valuation of difference are becoming
>tied to our ideas of Cyberspace.  Computer literacy, particularly in
>of the ability to access and use the Internet has become, on a global
>scale, another boundary separating the haves from the have-nots.  And,
>while non-dominant groups have made some in-roads onto the information
>superhighway, these boundaries typically mirror existing borders of
>difference.  To understand the meaning of race, gender, and ethnicity in
>the 21st Century, the project of examining and understanding
>must be undertaken.
>Proposals for panels and papers dealing with cultural diversity in/and
>Cyberspace are sought for this interdisciplinary conference.  Suggested
>include the construction of race in Cyberspace; barriers
>non-dominant groups face in obtaining internet access; the construction
>gendered, sexed, and virtual bodies; teaching issues of diversity
>Cyberspace in the classroom; American/English hegemony of cyberspace;
>the study of online communities, particularly communities formulated
>around the articulation of difference.
>Please submit one page proposals for papers (20 minutes in length) or a
>two page proposal for complete panels (2-3 speakers plus a moderator - 1
>hour in length) along with a current cv for all presenters by March 1,
>Contact Information:
>Cyberculture Working Group
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>Department of American Studies
>University of Maryland
>College Park, MD 20742
>(301) 405-1354
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