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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 12:21:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Abstract, Cyberfeminism

Great - two abstracts - we need at least one more and perhaps you guys can
put the panel together. The panel submission deadline is November 1st.


for details


>Dear Fay:  Here's my abstract.  Please feel free to edit as you see fit!
>I assume that as it comes closer to the conference date, we will
>communicate more thoroughly as regards to how we all will go about
>presenting on this panel?  Thanks!
>NAME:  Aiko Joshi, Graduate Student
>INSTITUTION: Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
>PROGRAM:  Women's Studies
>My Topic:
>"Cyberfeminism/genderism . . .For Whom?"
> With the advent of increasingly sophisticated means of communication via
>the Internet and email, it would make sense that feminist-centerd human
>rights groups take advantage of the new " Cyberfeminism/genderism" as a
>means of spreading awareness of various issues on a global scale.  While
>instant access to sources and information helpful to feminists can be
>perceived as a blessing, I would like to explore the issue of privilege
>and accessibility.  For not to be ignored is the fact there are many
>women unable to have access to cyberspace sources.  In other words,
>inclusive of "cyberfeminism/genderism" there should be a look into
>exactly "who" can/has access, and what about the women who cannot/do not
>have access.
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