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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:51:03 -0400
Subject: Re: From Fay Patel

Hi, Fay!

Will email you my part this weekend.  Take care!


On Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:24:00 -0400 (EDT) Feiziya Patel
<> writes:
>Dear Aiko
>Thank you for your prompt response. A conference such as this one is
>exploratory so you may present what you feel is necessary .
>I think that the issue you raise is a very important one and that it 
>blend well into the theme of cyberfeminisn/genderism and the questions 
>access, power, safety, privacy etc
>Go ahead and share your abstract. We shall have to have a submission 
>or by November 1. There was a third person who indicated interest.
>Can we have all 3 or 4 abstracts emailed to me with the full 
>information of
>who you are, which institution and all the relevant details . Deadline 
>send off to me is October 19, 1998. Thereafter I shall communicate 
>with the panelists and make a formal submission by  November 1.
>>Hi, Fay!
>>I am planning on being one of the 4 panelists for this conference.  I 
>>really looking forward to it.  I will send an abstract sometime this
>>week.  I would like to look into elitism/classism within 
>>and how that affects women who have access to cyberspace.  In other
>>words, inclusive of "cybergenderism" there should be a look into 
>>"who" can/has access, and what about those women who cannot/do not 
>>access, etc.  Would it be too much to also include how activism can 
>>another positive of "cyberfeminism"?
>>Aiko Joshi
>>On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 15:09:27 -0400 (EDT) cyberdiva
>><> writes:
>>>>I would like to get in touch with those persons who indicated an
>>>>in participating in a panel discussion on CYBERFEMINISM AT THE
>>>>Here are some ideas for my contribution. Please feel free to engage
>>>on the
>>>>issue and to clarify other perspectives which we may include in our
>>>>discussion papers.
>>>>If you will be part of the panel please send the abstract with all
>>>>personal and professional details and forward to me.
>>>>Idea about what the panel may cover overall :
>>>>Something like the following?
>>>>Panel discussion on the issue of cyberfeminism and the broader
>>>contexts of
>>>>the concept. Four panelists will explore the notions of 
>>>>their cultural orientations. This presentation intends to 
>>>>the the existing body of  knowledge some alternate perspectives on
>>>>subject and debating whether the field can and should become more
>>>>inclusive. In diversifying the notion of cyberfeminism we can 
>>>>questions of gender imbalances and inequalities in reality and
>>>> ABSTRACT  :
>>>>As each decade passes by we add another ism to the long list of 
>>>>already affect our personal and professional lives. Among these is
>>>>Cyberfeminism. A term as significant and as threatening as many
>>>>this one have been. Cyberfeminism, according to feminist scholars
>>>such as
>>>>d"Aprano(1995) and Gajjala (1998), embraces the complex world of
>>>>and provides them with a sense of safety,
>>>>privacy,power,equity,creativity,confidence, digmity and respect. 
>>>>presentation extends the notion of cyberfeminism to include all
>>>people and
>>>>it transcends culture, age, race and culture. It introduces the 
>>>>CYBERGENDERISM and looks beyond cyberfeminism. Cybergenderism is
>>>>sharing, extending and redefining cyberspacial boundaries. It is 
>>>>inclusive since it seeks to strike gender balance in cyberspace by
>>>>at gender fairness and gender equity at all costs.
>>>>The paper will clarify the terms cyberfeminism and cybergenderism. 
>>>>identify the issues which are shared across  cyberspacial 
>>>>which hamper cyberspacial relationships. Finally, it will raise
>>>>about whether we in fact take to our cyberworlds all the baggage
>>>which we
>>>>carry in our real worlds and  whether we allow others to explore
>>>>relationships in the safety of an enviroment which we ourselves 
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