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Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 21:02:19 -0600 (CST)
To: Seminar-13-AT-jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
Subject: hello and other questions

Hello folks,

My name is John Muthyala. Born brought up in Hyd-Sec-bad, India. Right 
now on my way to becoming baldie, baldy, bald. Of course, I haven't come 
to the point where the moonlight refracts off my pate.

A question to Radhika:
Its great to know that you are from the same town. 

R, do I send my post to seminar-13 or to gajjala. . . ? 
Where am I?
chicago- Loyola University.
Doing lafingi kaam!
or what?

Arre, so what now?

I read little book, all accident happening in library. I go pick Rushdie, 
elbow touching and book dropping. Which book? Kirin NArayan writing 
"Love, Stars and All That" or what not. So I read. wrote paper what a 
pity- huh? serendipity.

and in book all thing happening to woman. Full sari, bindi, growing up 
convent. Trying and becoming like English lady. hello jack and jill went 
to Tank Bund and fell fell fell. but wait. . . let me tell story.

This woman, or what called Asian. All from south. From India to America. 
. . becoming American, tugging all mirchi, idly, sambarr hot hot hot 
smell and tasty like at home cooked meal not getting in America. Love 
with prof. with PArsi who know not what is to be PArsi. everything going 
awry. Identity who am I? and you and they? where and how to define 
myself? here like this. Wear sari and bindi, red, fat luscious one in 
middle of forehead and walk in New York street then I becoming full 
Indian woman.
not true not true
but what is my American self?

arre, what story you telling, baba?
shut up addle brain!
shiny dome!

so radhika, you also write poem and story like this no? what karma I say.

Ta ta.


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