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If I've already introduced myself, how can I begin some kind of 
discussion???  I am sitting here trying to do my thesis and am feeling very 
uninspired!  It has everything to do with this particular topic - who can I 
type up??  Any Canadians on-line?  Not to be biased - really - but this 
literary analysis and model of social science/literature is Canadian and 
I'm curious if anyone has read this work:  H. Bannerji, U. Parameswaran, 
Enoch Padolsky (the latter is the theorist whose model I hope to inform 
through the use of the women's writing I have mentioned).  Why am I telling 
you this???  With the hopes that it might spark something, anything!
Okay, back to work.  
I look forward to some directions with where I might find some discussion.  
Wonder what people's view of "acculturation" is?  Does it lack that 
socio-political and historical aspect that is so implicitly and explicitly 
tied in with "identity"?  Or is it purely a subjective word used to 
describe individual cases, dependent on their own conscious of where and 
how they are, beings?  
You realize I could go on...and on...and then some.  :->
Much later,


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