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Subject: SPOON-ANN: CFP: Rethinking Culture and Literature: Transnational and Comparative Spaces
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 16:55:06 -0400

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(for further information pls. contact Irina Novikova at the University of
Latvia: )

University of Latvia

Call for Papers

Department of Culture and Literature, Faculty of Modern Languages,
University of Latvia,
Center for Gender Studies, University of Latvia

Re-thinking Culture and Literature:
Transnational and Comparative Spaces

1 - 3, November, 2002

Topics include:

Traveling ideas: cultural exchanges between "East" and "West"
Canon and Process: Contested Legacies
Gender and genre
Ethnography of the Eye: Memory and Modernity in Visual Practices
Multifocal approaches to the study of literature and culture: multiethnic,
postcolonial, and transnational perspectives
Cultures in/of diasporas
Baltic literatures and cultures: historical, contemporary, comparative
Global-regional-local in the cultures at the turn of the century
The impact of technology on contemporary media
Questions of local or national languages in the creation of "new"
Close readings of individual works or sequences in one or several authors'
Cross-cultural comparative analyses of texts

Working languages: Latvian, English, German, Russian

Registration fee: USD 15,-

Publication of conference proceedings is planned

Deadline for abstracts (300 words) and panel/roundtable proposals: 30, July,
2002.  NOTE: Irina Novikova will accept proposals until August 15, 2002.

There is a limited oppportunity to book rooms at the university hotel in the
downtown  at a very decent price.

Hotel accommodation for the participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
will be covered

Conference committee:

Professor Sigma Ankrava
Associate Professor Irina Novikova
Docent Edgars Oshinsh
Docent Tatiana Kuharenok

300-word proposals should be sent to:
Department of Culture and Literature
Faculty of Modern Languages
Visvalzha 4a, office 430
LV-1586 University of Latvia Riga Latvia

Or e-mail address: (Irina Novikova) (Edgars Oshinsh)


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