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Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 19:33:15 +0100
Subject: SPOON-ANN: Final CFP: Menstruation(IFTR conference) - 24-26 Jan 2003

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Final Call For Papers

The *Menstruation: Blood, Body, Brand* conference is part of the series put 
on by the the Institute for Feminist Theory and Research
(  The conference will take place the 24-26 January, 2003 
at the Medical Institution, the University of Liverpool.  This 
interdisciplinary conference will build on the success of the last IFTR 
conference, *Third Wave Feminism*, and will include papers from colleagues 
in Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Women's Studies and History as well 
as Literary and Cultural Studies.

Keynote Speakers: Julie-Marie Strange and Marie Mulvey-Roberts

An under-explored territory for the scholar of the body-in-history, the 
menstrual has remained one of the last taboos of both cultural and academic 
discourse. A recurrent motif in specifying the body marked female, 
menstruation has nevertheless remained on the periphery of the feminist 
second wave.

Possible Papers/Panels:
Visual Culture and Menstrual (in)Visibility
Menstrual Technologies
The 'Speaking' Body
Revising the History of Menstrual 'Disorder'
Taboo and Totem
Menopause and Ageing Femininity
Advertising Menstruality
Maternity vs. Menstruation?
Vampiric/Gothic Menstruation
Menarche and the Invention of the Teenager
Periodicity and Images of the Natural
Feminist Waves and Menstrual Evolution
Menstruation, Statute and Work
The Wisdom of the Wound?
Representations of the Bleeding Body

Abstract Deadline: 31 August 2002 (300 words)

Information and Abstracts to:
Andrew Shail
School of English
Queens Building
University of Exeter
Exeter, EX4 4QH, U.K.


Dr. Stacy Gillis
Research Fellow in Cyberculture
School of English
University of Exeter


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