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Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 09:10:00 -0400
Subject: SPOON-ANN: BCLA postgraduate conference

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Please could subscribers pass on details to postgraduates of the
following conference which will take place at the University of
Manchester on 9 January 2003:

 British Comparative Literature Association
 1st Annual Graduate Conference
 Hosted by the University of Manchester

 9 January 2003


 Call for Papers

>From the literal subterranean spaces of mine, burrow and cellar, to more
metaphorical conceptions of the unconscious or the subtext, the
underground constitutes a rich thematic vein running through the varied
strata of cultural production.

This one-day conference, taking place at the University of Manchester,
aims to bring together postgraduates from a wide range of departments
and institutions; providing a forum to promote research within the
national postgraduate community as well as enabling discussion and
exchange between individuals.

Proposals for twenty-minute papers on topics involving comparative and
interdisciplinary approaches are invited.
Contributors may wish to be guided by, but not limited to, the following
list of suggested areas:

       The geography/architecture of the underground
       The nature of subterranean inhabitants
       Theoretical undergrounds (the Freudian unconscious, the Marxist
base etc.)
       Textual undergrounds (subtexts, lacunae etc.)
       Descents into the underground
       Dissent in the underground
       Holes, burrows, wells, caves, cellars, dungeons, mines
       Underclasses, subalternity
       Concealment, burial
       The underground and gender

The final deadline for receipt of 250-word abstracts is 30 November
2002. Please e-mail abstracts and enquiries to the conference
co-ordinators: Kiera Vaclavik (,
Jonathan Hensher (, or Joseph McGonagle

For more about this conference, the BCLA and its other activities visit


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