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in theory, 1993--2003

journal of the theoretical humanities

VOLUME 8 CONTENTS (3 issues)

volume 8 number 1 april 2003

issue editor: pelagia goulimari


Editorial Introduction
-- Pelagia Goulimari

Beyond Postmodernism: Toward an Aesthetic of Trust
-- Ihab Hassan

Forgetting Rhetoric: On the Ars Oblivionalis of Pragmatism
-- Anthony Reynolds

Lines and Colours: Cezanne's Abstraction and Richter's Figures
-- Andrew Benjamin

After Aura: History of Photography and the Writing of the 
Origin in Benjamin
-- Oleg Gelikman

A Time for Dissonance and Noise: On Adorno, Music, and the 
Concept of Modernism
-- David Cunningham

Silence, Visuality and the Staying Image: The "Unspeakable Scene" of
Toni Morrison's Beloved
-- Ryan P. McDermott

Nothing to be Said: On the Inexpressible in Modern Philosophy 
and Literature
-- Shane Weller

Undivided, Not-United: Robert Musil's Community
-- Austin Harrington

Islands and Empire: Beyond the Shores of Utopia
-- Antoine Hatzenberger

Felix Guattari: Towards a Transdisciplinary Metamethodology
-- Gary Genosko

The Group, Linguistic Innovation, and International Regionalism: 
Prelude to the Preparation of a Group Manifesto
-- John Kinsella

AutoArchive Now? Scholarship, Teaching, Research
-- Sarah Wood

Raymond Klibansky: An Illustrious Philosopher's Journey
-- Michele Le Doeuff

* * *

volume 8 number 2 november/december 2003

issue editor: peter hallward


The One or the Other: French Philosophy Today
-- Peter Hallward

Some Comments on the Question of the One
-- Christian Jambet

Our World
-- Jean-Luc Nancy

Stagings of Mimesis
-- Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

Despite Everything, Happiness Is Still Happiness
-- Clement Rosset 

The Problem of Great Politics in the Light of Obviously 
Deficient Modes of Subjectivation
-- Guy Lardreau

Phenomenology of Life
-- Michel Henry

Beyond Formalisation
-- Alain Badiou

Sexual Alterity and the Alterity of the 
Real for Thought
-- Monique David-Menard 

Technics of Decision
-- Bernard Stiegler 

What Can Non-Philosophy Do?
-- Francois Laruelle

Politics and Aesthetics
-- Jacques Ranciere 

The Mole and the Locomotive
-- Daniel Bensaid

The Science of Relations
-- Michel Serres

* * *

volume 8 number 3 november/december 2003

issue editor: pelagia goulimari


Editorial Introduction
-- Pelagia Goulimari

Non-violence and the Other: A Composite Theory of Multiplism, 
Heterology and Heteronomy Drawn from Jainism and Gandhi
-- Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

Infinite Spaces: Walter Benjamin and the Spurious 
Creations of Capitalism
-- Mark Cauchi

Ubermenschen, Mestizas, Nomads: The Ontology of Becoming and 
the Scene of Transnational Citizenship in Anzaldua and Nietzsche
-- Salah el Moncef

Cavailles, Husserl and the Historicity of Science
-- David Webb

The Theatre of Phenomenology
-- Andrew Haas

Statements and Profiles
-- Gilles Deleuze

Her Voiceless Voice: Reviewing Sappho's Poetics
-- Cornelia Tsakiridou

Lacanians and The Fate of Critical Theory
-- Filip Kovacevic

Bataille and the Erotics of Hegelian Geist
-- Kane X. Faucher

The Problem of a Material Element in the Cinematic Sign: 
Deleuze, Metz and Peirce
-- Roger Dawkins

Amidst the Plurality of Voices: Philosophy of Music after Adorno
-- Nikolas Kompridis

A Harmless Suggestion
-- Robert Smith

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in theory, 1993--2003

journal of the theoretical humanities

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