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Subject: SPOON-ANN: CFP: Philosophy of Management Conference Oxford 2004

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Call for Papers

SECOND International Conference

St Anne's College, Oxford
7-11 July 2004

PRACTISING philosophy of management

This second international conference open to all follows the successful
Developing Philosophy of Management conference at St Anne^s College in
summer 2002 which attracted delegates from 20 countries.  It will be of
special interest to philosophers, management researchers and teachers,
consultants and practising managers.

We welcome contributions and delegates from all cultures and intellectual

Organised by Philosophy of Management (formerly Reason in Practice)


Management as a set of ideas, a function and a group has never been more
influential or visible and the complexity and impact of its work continues
to grow across cultures. Since the 2002 Conference corporate scandals and
failures and renewed protests over globalisation have served only to
increase concerns at the powers and responsibilities of managers in some
sectors and cultures.  In this context, philosophical engagement with
management theory and practice and the issues managers face has never been
more necessary. This Conference will provide an opportunity for theorists
and practitioners to present new work in the philosophy of management,
engage with philosophical and practical issues in management within and
across cultures and experience the power of philosophical skills and methods
in practice.

Conference Format

       Plenary sessions with invited leading speakers
       Presentations of papers in parallel sessions
       Workshops, panel discussions and interviews
       Poster presentations
       Practitioner Pathway workshops including items such as:
-       Workshops offering participants the opportunity to experience or
	observe philosophical processes and techniques in use by managers
-       Case studies of the application of philosophical thinking and
	techniques in management practice and management development
-       Demonstrations of philosophical methods and materials used with


Practical and theoretical contributions in any of the above formats are
invited on any aspect of philosophy of management including:

1.             Presuppositions of management theory and practice
2.             Concepts employed in management thinking and practice
3.             Representations of management and the managerial myths
		informing management theory and practice
4.             Management methodologies
5.             The relevance and applicability of philosophical techniques
		and skills to management education, training and practice
6.             The application of philosophical disciplines to issues facing


In keeping with the conference title we welcome contributions which reflect
philosophically on experience and practice, and which explicitly link theory
to practice.

We also invite participants to propose collaborative formats for their
sessions: eg paper, prepared reply and moderated discussion; contrasting
approaches to an issue with papers from theorists and practitioners.
Contributors are welcome to propose small panels offering a series of linked

Contributions addressing any of the following themes in this practical
spirit will be especially welcome:

1.      Philosophy and philosophising in the everyday world of work: its
	uses for organisations and individuals
2.      Notions of criticality in thinking within and about management
3.      Ethical issues for organisations and managers as individuals
	including work, careers, identity and meaning
4.      Management education: how can and do philosophy, philosophising and
	philosophers contribute?
5.      Epistemology of management: issues surrounding knowledge, learning,
	expertise, rationality, emotions, strategic thinking, decision making
6.      Political issues in management: corporate governance and
	responsibilities; stakeholders and shareholders; justice, democracy and
	representation at work; the applicability of political concepts to
	managed organisations
7.      The history of management ideas, their development and philosophical
8.      The impact of philosophy and philosophising on management theory,
	practice and effectiveness
9.      Specific philosophers and their contribution ^ actual or potential -
	to management theory and practice
10.     African, Asian, Indian, Latin American and other non-western
	philosophical approaches to management
11.  	Feminist contributions to management theory and practice
12.  	Understanding and managing processes of change: what can philosophical
	thinking tell us about why so many management change initiatives fail
	and why some succeed?

13.  Anniversaries:

1979: the first spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, was developed

We invite philosophical treatments of the significance and impacts of this

1954: publication of Peter Drucker^s The Practice of Management

1904: publication of Joseph Conrad^s Nostromo

We will welcome philosophical contributions relevant to management on any
aspect of either book. These could include discussions ^ critical or
supportive - of: content; intellectual origins; style; reception and
continuing reputation; influence; relevance and importance to understanding,
teaching and practising management in 2004.

Other 25th anniversaries you may care to consider: Three Mile Island;
publication of  C West Churchman^s The Systems Approach and its Enemies, of
Phil Crosby^s Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain, and
Jean-Francois Lyotard^s The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge;
death of Herbert Marcuse; appointment of Andrew S Grove as Chairman of the
Board of Intel Corporation


The official conference publication is Philosophy of Management (formerly
Reason in Practice) All papers will be considered for publication in the

Journal website:

Important: Please note that Conference contributions can be accepted only on
condition that they have not been published or offered for publication
elsewhere and that Philosophy of Management has the right of first refusal
to publish.  Submission of a proposal or paper constitutes acceptance of
this condition.


The language of the conference will be English.

To contribute...

Please submit a 500 word proposal plus separate contact details and brief cv
to arrive by Friday 21 November

Use email if possible to

Alternatively, send 3 paper copies to

Nigel Laurie
Philosophy of Management
74a Station Road East
Surrey  RH8 0PG   UK


21 November             Proposals due
15 December             Contributors informed of acceptance
13 February             Full papers due
29 March                Notification of conference streams, session
			dates and times, etc
9 April                 Final paper text due in electronic form for
			inclusion in proceedings
11 June                 Despatch of proceedings in cd rom format to
			all participants
7 ^ 11 July            Conference

Conference booking details will be available shortly

If you have not already done so, send a blank email to

Or post your contact details to

Oxford Conference
Philosophy of Management
74a Station Road East
Oxted  Surrey  RH8 0PG    UK

Organising Committee

Nelarine Cornelius Brunel University
Paul Griseri University College London
Nigel Laurie Philosophy of Management (Chair)

Advisory Committee

Michael Freeden Professor of Politics and Fellow of Mansfield College,
Keith Grint Reader in Organisational Behaviour and Head of Research, Said
Business School, Oxford
Leonard Minkes  Emeritus Professor of Business Organisation at the
University of Birmingham and Visiting Professor in the Business School at
the University of Glamorgan

Further details of committee members and stream chairs will be announced

Please forward this to anyone who would be interested.  Thank you.

For a poster for local display please send a blank email to


Nigel Laurie
Editor and Publisher
Philosophy of Management (formerly Reason in Practice)
74a Station Road East
Surrey  RH8 0PG
Tel/fax  +44 (0)1883 715419

Visit our website at

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