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Subject: SPOON-ANN: Cfp: The Question of Normativity (Evian Colloquium 2005)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 18:51:33 +0100

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Call for papers

11th International French-German Philosophy Colloquium
11. Internationales Französisch-Deutsches Philosophie-Kolloquium
11ème colloque philosophique international franco-allemand

The Question of Normativity
Die Frage der Normativität
Les normes et les règles

Evian (Lake Geneva), France
July 17-23, 2005.

Human beings, so it seems, are normative beings. They find themselves to be
oriented in relation to norms and rules, in light of which they justify and
criticize their doings and activities. Since antiquity, the terms 'norma'
and 'regula' designate that which governs the difference between right and
wrong. And modern philosophy, in a variety of ways, has followed Kant in
holding the view that human agency, knowledge, and thought - and only
these - take place essentially within a context that is intelligible as
right or wrong. Accordingly, there has been the hope in many areas and
traditions of philosophy to try to understand and explain, with the aid of
the concept of normativity, the difference between nature and culture, a
realm of causality and a realm of freedom, and the physical and the mental.
What does it mean, however, to be subject to norms? From where do norms draw
their force to bind us? How should the relation between normativity and
nature be conceived? In short: What is normativity? The 11th International
French-German Philosophy Colloquium seeks to address these questions. It
aims to clarify and express, as a desideratum, a basic or generic concept of
normativity that is applicable prior to any division of philosophy into its
theoretical and practical aspects.

The International French-German Philosophy Colloquia provide a locus for
enjoying intense philosophical discussion and philosophical company.
Thematically, they put a stress on contemporary French philosophy in
particular and continental philosophy in general, which are discussed in the
contexts of German as well as English-language philosophy. Given this
orientation, the International French-German Philosophy Colloquia are meant
to be a place where the divide between continental and analytic philosophy
has been overcome.

Call for Papers:
We invite proposals for papers for submission. The final deadline is
February 15, 2005. Please send your proposals with a one-page abstract and a
short CV to the following e-mail address:

A detailed exposition of the topic and all relevant information concerning
the character and history of the colloquium as well as matters of
accomodation and costs can be found at our trilingual website:

Georg W. Bertram (Hildesheim), Stefan Blank (Berlin), Robin Celikates
(Erfurt/Potsdam), David Lauer (Berlin)
In cooperation with Stefan Deines (Frankfurt/Main), Karen Feldman
(Berkeley), Jo-Jo Koo (Pittsburgh), Christophe Laudou (Madrid), Jérôme Lèbre
(Paris), Chris Doude van Troostwijk (Strasbourg / Amsterdam)

Prof. Dr. Georg W. Bertram, Institut für Philosophie, Universitaet
Hildesheim, Marienburger Platz 2, D-31141 Hildesheim, Germany

11. Internationales Franzoesisch-Deutsches Philosophie-Kolloquium Evian
Organisation: Georg W. Bertram (Hildesheim), Stefan Blank (Berlin), Robin
Celikates (Erfurt/Potsdam), David Lauer (Berlin)


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