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Where, as, in the opening words of Breton's _Nadja_, he speaks of one 
"whom I 'haunt'," a _self_ is itself moved to, motioned to as, the 
position of interior other.

          "I strive, in relation to other men, to discover the
          nature, if not the necessity, of my difference from
          them" (Breton, _Nadja_: Grove Press 1960 tr., p. 13).

An implication arises from this that the _self_ may actually be invaded 
by a _pure identity_.  If this identity is one with the world, then the 
search for the nature of the I's difference from other men must of 
necessity proceed from a position of (worldly!) entrapment.  This would 
be universality trapped in _particularity_: the particular -- an example 
striving always to go beyond itself _as such_.

... Somehow, language must be excluded from this striving, insofar as 
language is hylicly derived: a network of examples, open always to an 
interpretative (con)fusion.

But Thought is then drawn to the Outside, the Beyond, and is forced to 
consider the event that led to the dispersal of (a) unity into an 
entrapment of universality in particularity.

_Where_ Socrates says, _as_ Plato writes, in Book III of _The Republic_, 

          "our principle is that rhythm and harmony are regulated
          by the words, and not the words by rhythm and harmony"

this subordination, this slavery, is a textual/expressive outgrowth of 
that primal entrapment of the universal essence ('what being was') in a 
particular 'point' or pillar of a foundational openness -- an openness 
with its grounding in/upon the _perceptual_/spatial opening that gave us 
to Being.  This thought would be better expressed, I believe, in 'fluid' 
terms: (_breath_,) a flowing, living water ... etc. -- anything that 
emanates from a source as water from a spring.

While the words may regulate the music, the music nevertheless _haunts_ 
the words, twisting them, injecting emotion into a purely textual event, 
a _signification_.

Music(ality) is the essence of words.  Words themselves are the result 
of a hylic attempt to universalize multiplicity.  Words concretize all 
expressions of thought; and this concretization serves to hand 
expression over to the other, external, "ghosts" of this world.

Our (use of) words, as we utilize them as the sole means of expressing 
our _thought_, are what is haunted ... Our thought remains ever 
undisclosed to the world.

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~~ Edward

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