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Subject: Scaling walls and pedestrians ...
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 19:34:16 PDT

Bogartte hath writ 'pon these wired walls:

>The future points toward a visual language, desires it...

While we may de-sire the I-mage by removing the Eye from the locus(t 
plague) of presence, never will we de-matri-collate received traces by 
sparing them the light of our ever-loving gaze.  Before future desire 
and present presence, there stood and/as remains primal formative 
images, prisons for emergent light.  The circle precedes not presence, 
nor being -- but the Eye recedes upon contact with the immediate, and 
the I is left to its internal/infinite device(s).

>By the way, your english is touching...

There is something about this metaphor of 'touching' english.  Does 
language come to us and 'touch' us, make contact with us, from a pure 
externality?  Does the visual depend totally upon our gaze, and is it 
therefore closer to what we extend than to what we receive?  

Being is extension.  And reception implies, for me, an objectification 
of the Self as a means for the extension of the Other.  So "perhaps we
should all speak and write as if in another language,
on purpose, perhaps inciting strange slips of the tongue,
which are always disconcerting..." (J. Karl Bogartte).  By so doing will 
we create a field of presence for the other to thrive in/on? with 
'presence' being understood as the immediate consequence of possibility?  
Or will we alienate ourselves from the perceptual field, the realm of 
presence and being-in-the-world, and thus become reacquainted with a 
heretofore neglected interiority?  Positivity reigns (US inn, majestic 
baedecker ...) -- :

Leave the de-vice-ing, then, to priests and Republicans.

~~ Edward

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