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Subject: Re: Scaling walls and pedestrians ...
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 00:18:36 -0400 (EDT)

>so perhaps we "should all speak and write as if in another language, >
on purpose, perhaps inciting strange slips of the tongue, > which are
always disconcerting..." (J. Karl Bogartte).  By so doing will > we
create a field of presence for the other to thrive in/on? with >
'presence' being understood as the immediate consequence of
possibility?  > Or will we alienate ourselves from the perceptual
field, the realm of > presence and being-in-the-world, and thus become
reacquainted with a > heretofore neglected interiority?  Positivity
reigns (US inn, majestic > baedecker ...) -- : > >

 Why not alienation?
If one constantly dividing takes it as a breaking apart of word's
reason or aim. A disarmament of the understanding  has learnt how
to receive an encrypted plastic line not as something new and exciting 
and with pathos but as a frozen lake where the sketchy drawing become
event of writing slips with minimal friction, in an underhanded manner
a corrosive sense eating away at meaning. Such smoothness is not the
longing for a close list ever ready to look at a smooth upward flow...
without any foreign element that could disturb an anal closure. Yes, to
write not "as if," as if it were a hypothetical question but from
necessity, a fatality without recourse, an intoxicating habit for a
chilling, paralyzing icon. Who knows what such a centripetal force will
bring into play, particularly when there is a lurking element, an
unknowable X that constantly brings other events into conflict, a
healthy measure of chance, incalculable, flowing pictography that any
forced banning, fortification against said chance, shows a less than   
sincere interest in the unexpected.

Tangling more wires,



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