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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 11:01:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Speech and speechlessness

"My understanding of Surrealist (and other) assaults on the structures
language is that they are efforts to push the word out beyond its limits

and create new, poetic, forms of expression..."

A very excellent understanding, Stephan
of the technical aspects of surrealist writing...

More can be said about the psychological results
of the activity of automatic writing, on the
other hand.  One could assign a shamanistic,
a theraputic outcome of words coming together
out of desire, rather than reason.

And I'm sure Moore could go on about that one!

"rather than simply
annihilate it completely."

I'm quite certain, no one here wants to annihilate
language... except poetically...

Imaginary solutions to ordinary events
makes life more reasonable, more malleable,
more real...

I'm sure we've all had visions,
drugged or not, that have had some
effect on our present perceptions
of reality... If not, why not?

"As to the frequent speechlessness of this list, I have
no answers for you!"

I suspect there was too much personal squabbling
over ideological beliefs going on, lack of tolerance
and even absurd misunderstandings because of
language barriers...

And especially because of "faith" in personal belief
systems.  Faith based solely on assumptions, etc., etc...

So there you have it.

Before I get ignored, or lambasted, check out
this very large and excellent site on surrealist
(and other) writings, at Iconoclast:

J. Karl Bogartte

-- Bosch, Brueghel and Bogartte...
Only Bogartte is still alive,
and you can find him at:


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