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Subject: Je (:) cri(se) dehor [...] et(re) apres?
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 20:06:54 PDT

Thought, unlike material manifestations, does not progress or proceed in 
a cause-and-effect manner.  While the functioning of the physical 
universe betrays a certain order or _government_ -- even if it is purely 
accidental, _essentially_ arbitrary -- with each event or existent 
dependent upon every other in a fundamental way (see Hawking 1988, p. 
11), Thought is, though internally consistent, yet externally arbitrary 
and even essentially -- _surreal_.

The material world, in its appropriation of Thought condemns it (yet not 
without a philiatic nod) to a dissolutory system; and through such does 
the Self (_Nous_) get drunk and forget its mission, its message, of the 
_Protennoia_.  When the Mind (Thought's Father) is thus subjected and 
subordinated to, made dependent upon, a SYSTEM, it becomes in turn a 
mendicant of Time ... : falling always short of its inmost possibility, 

So there is something absurd about humanity's exploration of the 
universe, and its theoretical hope for a Grand Unified Theory ... It is 
sad that such a faculty (human thought), capable of the most sublime 
expressions/creations, should wish to thus seek its end in a 'theory of 
everything'.  Yet it is precisely this inherent absurdity in/of all 
human endeavor that may eventually lead to humanity's eternal salvation.  
For the grand theory of _this_ universe will still not be a theory of 
_everything_.  There is always that timeless Beyond that corresponds 
psychically or spiritually to inner man's unsounded depths, to mankind's 
dark chaotic waters, from which all that is irreducible and 
pneumatically OPEN will ever be drawn.  It is the true 'living water' -- 
present in possibility to all.

Thought exists and operates independently of Time.  The truth of this 
statement cannot be displayed, since speech and writing -- language -- 
work against the pure motion, the pro-motion, of Thought ... the very 
means of Thought's expression condemns it to a perceived and slanderous 
temporality, a limiting that exhausts all but the _pneumatikoi_, who 
extend the boundaries of writing itself, so that inscribed words no 
longer appeal to an external message, but rather to the inner 
possibility, the appropriative faculty (divine spark) of the reader.  
There is, then, no message, but a dimly conveyed _emotion_ that will, in 
its feebleness, nevertheless draw a select few out of their stupor, and 
give them to create for and unto themselves.  Through this subversion of 
writing's seemingly inherent purpose, the work of salvation may be done 

~~ Edward

          -- : to hunger (is) to sal(I)vate

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