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Subject: Re: Je (:) cri(se) dehor [...] et(re) apres?
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 02:29:24 -0400 (EDT)

Salvation? holy shit Edward, your getting pretty serious. Personally, I
thought we were going to tell jokes and talk about sacred laughter. And
Lucio, O my friend, but there are many friends and they so happened to
have been brought to Philadelphia. You are gnomic as ever, O.K., a
little tip for relative newcomers... If Lucio is starting to frustrate
you, just don't make fun of his signature. There is nothing like good
encouragement Lucio, don't you think? O man, the old wounds are
festering... Actually, that was pretty good Edward. I nod with
difficulty, I'm beginning to realize. Nietzsche writes that what is
noble is "slowness of gesture, and of glance. There are not too many
valuable things: and these come and wish to come of themselves to the
valuable man. We do not easily admire." I know you don't... N would
think of this style as classical not seeing it's extreme form in the
almost frozen, shaken baroque gesture whose theatric ingenuity he could
admire, himself being a man with a thousand and one foregrounds or
masks. After all, is not his teaching on the necessity of dissimulation
and lying his most profound, or as he himself might say, his most
incommunicatable and distant? The baroque gesture is a parodic gesture,
sacred laughter, if the word was not so prestigious.
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