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Subject: Re: Je (:) cri(se) dehor [...] et(re) apres?
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 16:50:21 PDT

Greetings Ariosto and the Silent Other(s) From 

Oh, and be sure to

And Eye Quote:

>... the violence of
>humor, the infiltration of dark precursors, that does away with depth
>in words; that leaves events of mad-becomings to spread without aim
>across a multi-dimensional canvas.

     ~~ Ariosto Raggo, _On Breton_ 1998

"The philosophical butterfly
Lands on the pink star
And that makes one of hell's windows
The man in the mask always stands in front of the naked woman"

     ~~ Andre Breton, _On Nietzsche_

"... there is a certain tolerable level of violence to be found in 
humor, like what we see in that film of de Sade's _120 Days of Sodom_ 
... some fucking Italian flick, really fucking disgusting ... and the 
women aren't even attractive.  Go figure.  So like, I'm at the NYU 
library, in that media room on the fourth floor ... Have you been there 
yet?  Check it out.  Anyway, so I'm watching this shit, and the chick 
next to me, who was watching like some fucking girl-power feminist shit, 
is peering over the damn divider thing and giving me strange looks.  So 
I ask her to join me in the bathroom, 'cos I'd like her to piss on my 
head.  And the bitch doesn't even laugh ... instead, she asks me if I'm 
watching the film for research or pleasure.  I tell her I get off on 
seeing fat Italian dudes ram each other up the poop-shoot.  And then 
[pause to light a joint] she says 'it figures'.

     ~~ Edward Moore, fragment of a conversation with a friend 
     during my freshman year at New York University, 1994

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