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1 Mar 21, 2002xxxxxxxSPOON-ANN: 8th International French-German Philosophy Colloquium: Second Call112
2 Mar 21, 2002xxxxxxxSPOON-ANN: CFP: Comparative (Post)colonialisms84
3 Mar 24, 2002xxxxxxxSPOON-ANN: CFP: Globalization, Education, Language340
4 Mar 24, 2002xxxxxxxSPOON-ANN: Final Call: 'Automobility', 8-10 Sept, CSTT, Keele Uni95
5 Mar 28, 2002xxxxxxxSPOON-ANN: Call for papers-Society for Social and Political Philosophy:103
6 Mar 28, 2002xxxxxxxSPOON-ANN: Indigenous Rights, Dialogy and Relations to National States93

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